RESIDENTS have voiced their anger at ongoing pothole problems on a busy road.

Protestors have mounted a campaign calling for resurfacing works at Waymills, Whitchurch, which has been blighted by potholes in recent months.

Meanwhile, many readers took to the Herald’s Facebook page to vent their frustration at Shropshire Council’s announcement that proposed resurfacing works were delayed until next year due to budget cuts.

James Guy said: “For me this is a matter of public safety. I’ve witnessed cars slamming brakes on, veering into outside lanes, swerving into oncoming traffic - particularly when traffic is turning out of the industrial estate. Is it going to take an accident to repair what is, in the grand scheme of thing, a short section of tarmac. Crazy.”

Libby Imlay called attention to the condition of Mill Street and Alkington Road.

She added: “Something else screaming for a resurface is the car park at the station - in this case 'significantly deteriorated' would be a compliment. What a shameful welcome to any visitors arriving in Whitchurch by train - it is just one giant pothole !

Anne Lanham added: “I'd be interested to know which roads they are prioritising over this one.”

John Yeomans, of Waymills Garage, told the Herald that the condition of the road had worsened dreadfully over the winter and added that the road needed to be resurfaced completely.

He added: “It’s become so bad in so many places that patching it up is not an acceptable method of repair.”

Cllr Gerald Dakin, Shropshire Council member for Whitchurch South, said that the road is an “absolute disgrace and an accident waiting to happen”.

He added: “There have been general repairs but small repairs are not good enough.”

While he appreciated that the council has money pressures, Cllr Dakin said that he would be pushing for a date for repairs that were more permanent.

Waymills in Whitchurch had been identified for resurfacing and was originally in the programme for this financial year.

Shropshire Council announced on Friday that the highways and transport capital budget has been reduced by £5m for this and next financial year.

The spokesman added: "This reduction is to support Shropshire Council in meeting its savings targets, which are as a result of reduced central government funding and also recognise the additional pressure on adult social care budgets.

"This has meant that a number of planned highways improvement schemes scheduled to be carried out in 2018/19 have had to be delayed or deferred until 2019; this included the resurfacing scheme at Waymills. The budget reduction was made after the works programme was agreed."

"Therefore, the work schedule was programmed and carried out is not in a priority sequence, due to various constraints (road space availability, resources etc).

The spokesman added that over recent months the condition of the carriageway at Waymills has "significantly deteriorated", adding: "Whilst inspections and safety defect repairs have been increased, the need for a permanent repair has become more pressing.

"We are currently reconsidering our options in relation to Waymills in order to programme the most appropriate form of permanent repair and surface improvements, to be delivered this financial year.