North Shropshire farm fans can head to Winston farm in Tetchill, near Ellesmere, for LEAF Open Farm Sunday on Sunday, June 10.

Hundreds of farmers across the country will open their gates to welcome the public and showcase all that British agriculture delivers.

LEAF Open Farm Sunday is the Great British Farm Day and offers a unique chance to see what happens beyond the farm gate and show your support for British farming.

This is your opportunity to talk to farmers and find the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask…and even some you’ve never thought of!

Most Open Farm Sunday events are free and farms of every type and size take part offering a range of activities – in fact there is something for everyone to enjoy with loads to see, do and learn.

On LEAF Open Farm Sunday you can learn more about how your food is produced as well as….discover why worms are so important for the soil, why there wouldn’t be much fruit and veg without bees, and how farmers look after animals like cows, sheep and pigs, and care for wildlife too.

You can also see science in action, including how farmers use the latest technology to farm sustainably and maybe take a peek inside a state of the art tractor.

Annabel Shackleton, manager, said: “From the wheat for our bread and cereals, and the potatoes and pork for our sausage and mash, through to crops for fuel, clothes and even cosmetics, it all begins on a farm.

Farmers play a vital part in our daily lives and LEAF Open Farm Sunday is your chance to show your support for British farmers and farming.”