Two OF Whitchurch's Shropshire councillors have outlined their concerns with plans to integrate the town's Safer Neighbourhood Team into the Community Hospital.

West Mercia Police Crime Commissioner John Campion made the announcement last week, though many believed that the SNT service would join with the town's fire service in Bridgewater Street instead.

But Councillor Peggy Mullock and Cllr Gerald Dakin have expressed their worries that the SNT presence in Claypit Street will put further pressure on an area that's already cramped for space and re-iterated the fire station plan would have worked better.

"We are extremely concerned with the news that the police station is to relocate to Whitchurch Hospital," said Cllr Mullock.

"Car parking is a major issue already with traffic having to use the estate next to the hospital and Claypit Street when there are no spaces.

"The road from the hospital comes out onto Blackmore Grove which then exits onto Claypit Street where I know residents have expressed concerns before about traffic problems, indeed there has been an accident there because the car couldn’t see past parked cars.

"Claypit Street is already busy from the Brownlow Centre with the Little Bears Nursery, children being dropped off throughout the day and used by many clubs at night plus many others.

"Recently planning permission was given for over another 150 homes further along the Mile Bank Road which will increase traffic even more in this area.

"Traffic builds up now trying to get out onto London Road so the idea of a police car rushing out from the hospital site and then this junction really doesn’t make sense.

"The fire station is an easy site for access; if the smaller space at the hospital is adequate then a smaller addition to the Fire Station building would serve the town better.

"It would have been nice if there had been some consultation with all the people that will be affected by this move before the announcement."

Mr Campion told Cllr Mullock he was willing to meet for further discussion but insisted the move would have minimal impact on vehicle movement and involves a small number of officers.