An allegation by a vehicle sales manager that he was assaulted by his boss has been rejected by a judge after a two-day hearing.

Neale Suter of Crabtree Lane, Wem, made his allegation at Birmingham Employment Tribunal where he made legal claims for breach of contract and constructive unfair dismissal after complaining that the situation caused him to resign.

He made his claims against Grenson Motor Company, of Crewe, which successfully opposed him.

Mr Suter told the tribunal that an argument broke out over a missing vehicle log book and he accused John Middleton, the firm’s managing director and a retired magistrate, of grabbing him by his collar and tie, and hauling him into an office.

He then alleged Mr Middleton told him to go home by bus and was later told he was being suspended.

Mr Suter who was earning £59,331 a year at one stage, complained that he had earlier suffered a drop in pay and was said to have experienced financial problems after having a big mortgage on his home.

Mr Suter also complained that he was effectively demoted which he said left him baffled.

Mr Middleton denied he assaulted Mr Suter.

“I was a Macclesfield magistrate for 25 years and would never do a thing like that,” Mr Middleton told the tribunal. “I’m too old to do things like that and and I knew Neale had previously had an heart operation.”

He accused Mr Suter of “trying to bend the truth” and said the claimant turned up the next day and that both men had a laugh and were on good terms.

Mr Middleton said that Mr Suter told him him about his financial situation and offered him £1,000 to help him out.

“I was worried about him because he had money problems,” said Mr Middleton.

He denied again in his written evidence that he had assaulted Mr Suter and said he would not do anything to affect his shotgun licence which he said he valued.

Tribunal judge Mr Leslie Anstis said he accepted Mr Middleton’s evidence that an assault had not taken place.

“Mr Suter appeared to be under considerable stress at the time and was having sleepless nights, “ said Mr Anstis.

“As a result the legal claims are dismissed.”