Dear Sir,

I was very interested in the item in the Whitchurch Herald edition of May 9 'MP Questions the Brexit process over data scandal'.

I completely agree with the MP for Eddisbury, Antoinette Sandbach about concerns that the Leave Campaign cheated in the 2016 Euro-referendum and misused personal data garnered on social media to target key swing voters with misinformation and playing on the vulnerabilities of certain voters.

Added to that, Campaign group Leave.EU has been fined £70,000 for breaches of election law during the 2016 referendum. The Electoral Commission said the group failed to report at least £77,380 it spent. (Source BBC).

The Leave campaign also lied and made claims that were untrue and promises which will not be kept. Given this, it is very debatable how much credence should be given to the referendum result.

The referendum was only carried by a very small margin, with many older people voting to leave, with the younger people tending to vote to stay. Some of those older people have since died. Out of the people living in Britain now, more people voted to stay rather than go

The issue has deeply divided the country and some sort of compromise must be found which satisfies the majority.

Before joining the EU, Britain was part of the European Free Trade Area. It would make reasonable sense to return to it. In my view the ideal would be to have a relationship to the EU like that enjoyed by Liechtenstein, which has free movement of goods, services, capital and people with the rest of the EU, but it does have limits on the numbers of people who can migrate there from the rest of the EU.

Certainly Mrs Sandbach deserves the support of everyone on this issue.

Charles Lowick Higgie

1 Well Farm Close