Malpas Parish Council have commented on a plan for residential development for up to 57 dwellings the provision of a Community Health hub and open space at land off Chester Road.

Among some of the issues the parish council has with the development, which has approval for 41 dwellings and a health Hub, is light pollution; an archaeological survey/investigation and provide and providing for local needs.

The council also believes that 20 per cent of dwellings should be bungalows and only 50 per cent should be built before the Health Hub is completed.

However, they do recognise the potential benefits of the community health hub and would support this application if Cheshire West and Chester want to grant this application the Parish Council would request that the conditions were applied.

They would also request te affordable housing element to be provided by the local community land trust (CLT). It also addressed issues of the village being oversubscribed i.e. schools.