Whitchurch's Landia is continuing to play a huge part in ensuring Ireland's first farm-scale Aerobic Digester plant continues to work as well as ever.

When the McDonnell family set up the GreenGas plant in County Limerick using its dairy herd’s and poultry manure to produce biogas, they created a bespoke plant that became a landmark in the country.

“The nitrates directive was really beginning to kick-in during the late 2000s”, said David McDonnell.

“With our annual fertilizer costs up at around 100,000 Euros, we wanted to look at how we could produce our own, better, eco-friendly fertilizer, which at the same time for us was a natural progression for the farm.

“Gary Little recommended Landia for its mixing systems, introducing us to the late Hugh Vaughan.

"Lifetime cost was a very big selling point for us – as was a relationship with companies who were proud of their work and prepared to roll up their sleeves and make things happen."

Hugh's personal touch on a site visit meant GreenGas get the most out of their Landia equipment and they haven't looked back.

David added: “We’re beginning to approach our eighth year as an AD operator – and have to say that with 23 of its pumps and mixers on site, Landia’s very robust and reliable equipment has certainly played its part in the efficiency of this plant.

"Our gradual investment now totals over 500,000 Euros in Landia’s pumps and mixers speaks for itself, but the back-up, pride and enthusiasm to help us get the very best from our plant is priceless."