The MANAGER of Whitchurch Alport Football Club has expressed his pride at the speed at which the club has been able to raise thousands of pounds for their injured media officer Martin Wild.

Martin broke his back nearly a month ago and has been in Royal Stoke Hospital but is starting to have small amounts of movement in his hands and is continuing to remain positive.

The club presented a cheque for £3,500 to Martin's partner Jeanette Downward before Saturday's clash with FC Oswestry on Bank Holiday Monday and Luke Goddard, manager, believes it shows how well Martin is thought of by all.

"Martin has two weeks to go in terms of being flat on his back in the hospital bed," said Luke. "Then they'll look at increasing his position up by five or 10 per cent in his bed.

"He's got a little bit of movement in both hands, and a little in one leg. But he's had a couple of chest infections because he's been laying down so long.

"But there's signs of improvement after four weeks in hospital. As a person, he's been so strong and positive about it all and is really grateful about all the well-wishes and visitors he's received.

"We were able to present a cheque on Monday to Jeanette for £3,500 which £2,500 of that was raised through the crowdfunding appeal. The club has put £500 forward, as have the Ethelston Cup Committee too.

"That's ongoing and it's been raised as a club, as a town and as a footballing community because some of the donations have come from far and wide.

"We all come to this club for what's on the field, but for me, seeing the 300 or so people there on Monday and the support for Martin, it shows that it is a unique town and football club.

"In four weeks, we've been able to raise that much money for someone who is ultimately a volunteer for the club is quite powerful really. It shows what you can do to support one of your own – it's so good.

"It could have a decent attempt to get £500 and it would have been really appreciated, but the size and speed of the support shows we must be doing something right as a club if that many people want to help someone who's had a big accident."

Luke believes the support for Martin is more than deserved after he played a pivotal role in the Yockings Park club playing a pivotal role in raising funds for Whitchurch youngster Zac Harris with, and shows what kind of club Whitchurch Alport is.

He added: "Martin has played a huge role in the fundraising for Zac Harris's operation. He was the mascot on Monday and it's right that people should show him that love back.

"While we're good as a club on the field, most of our praise is off the field and that's a lot to do with Martin. I think that's why people come to watch Alport; it can't all be about the football because I wouldn't have paid a fiver to watch that on Monday. It's all about the club environment."

nTo donate to Martin's recovery, you can head to and make a donation to help them achieve their target of £3,000.