A WHITCHURCH man who first reported historic child sexual abuse to police about a former Whitchurch doctor has exclusively told the Herald that he feels ready to move on.

'Tom', from Whitchurch, first came forward publicly when he told how the former Bark Hill Surgery doctor Gerard Rogerson would abuse him on a regular basis before he became a teenager.

His story sparked another 25 people to register complaints with West Mercia Police, including 'Tom's' own sister, and it was announced last month that victims would be compensated but the investigation would be closed.

However, 'Tom' also wrote to the Cabinet Office asked if Rogerson's MBE would be revoked and was told it would have been, if the doctor was still alive.

He said: "I hope the letter I received from the Cabinet Office gives others the final closure and satisfaction it gave me, reading the last paragraph.

"In life, Rogerson got away with his awful deeds but not in death. I came to see the Whitchurch Herald and continued a journey that started for me two years previously when I reported his acts to the police.

"All I ever wanted was to be believed and listened to, but as you well know, what a turn it took. It was never about money as some may think; in fact, I have not yet received any form of compensation.

"What I originally set out to do has happened – all I ever wanted was the named Gerard Rogerson to be typed into a search engine and up would pop was a red flag and the way he treated his victims was there for all to see.

"It wasn't until the paper became involved that I even knew about his MBE. It now gives great satisfaction to know that he would have been dishonoured.

"I wish everybody involved well and it's finally time for me to move on. I thank all that came forward for your support and help, and also the many others who remained in silence but feel a great relief for what his victims have achieved."

Abby Oshodi, from the Cabinet office, said: "I can confirm that Dr Rogerson ceased to be a Member of the Order of the British Empire on his death in 2000 and forfeiture action will not be necessary. If he were still alive, he would most likely have forfeited his award."