Councillors at Ellesmere Town Council have been approached with the idea of Evolis Radar Speed Signs in the town.

The digital sign would flash up with the speed the driver was approaching the sign with to encourage them to slow down, if they were speeding.

The signs, at more than £1,000 each, would be placed in problem areas such as Elson Road.

Mayor, Councillor Ryan Hartley said: "It is a large cost we haven't budgeted for so I think we should defer it at the moment and bring it up when we are talking about general speed limits in the town."

Another letter about speed signs highlighted the possibility of 20mph signs in the area.

Councillor Hartley added: "This is dating back almost two years and what it refers to is 20mph signs on main roads when there are 30mph signs through Ellesmere.

"They're talking about putting them on the wrong roads here."

A decision was made to defer the subject until the future.