A BALE wrapping workshop is coming to Four Crosses and will be delivered by a leading farm machinery manufacturer.

On May 16, at the Royal Welsh Grassland Event, KUHN Farm Machinery, alongside BPI Agriculture, will hold the workshops, demonstrations and best practice clinics to help farmers improve the quality of, and get the most from, their baled forage.

Stuart Anthony, from BPI Agriculture, believes the workshop will be hugely important to Shropshire and Mid Wales farmers.

"Preserving the maximum nutritional value of baled silage and haylage relies on a number of factors," he said.

"Not least of which are bale structure and consistency, forage quality, and ensuring each and every bale is protected within a 100 per cent airtight wrapping.

"We have therefore teamed up with KUHN Farm Machinery to talk to farmers about the latest film wrapping products and bale wrapping techniques as well as some key tips and pitfalls to consider as the grass harvesting season approaches."

Each event will also include a detailed explanation of KUHN’s unique and patented film binding system which eliminates the need for an initial layer of netting to be placed around the cylindrical side of the bale, instead using a layer of standard wrapping film to fulfil the same function.

KUHN product specialist Katie Calcutt added: "Unlike other film binding systems which use wide mantle film for binding, the KUHN system uses two standard 750mm stretch film rolls to fully encapsulate the bale.

"As well as improving silage preservation and making the recycling of waste plastic easier, it also reduces plastic usage by up to 3 per cent by pre-stretching the wrapping film by 70 per cent prior to application.

"Film loading is also quicker and easier as each roll weighs just 27 kg, compared to the wider rolls which can weigh between 40-90 kg.”

The event will take place at Carnbwll.