Plans for a traveller's site in Wem have been approved.

The Roberts family applied for planning permission for the change of use of the former nursery at Barkers Green for three gypsy pitches, with formation of parking for up to six vehicles and a utility room.

The application was met with objections from Wem Parish Council and residents.

Case Officer, Jane Reese, said at last week's Shropshire Council north planning committee meeting said that officers recommended approval of the site.

"There were some concerns over drainage but these have been conditioned.

"The applicant has a need for the extended family, and we have confirmed that there is a need and a lack of site for this type of development. Officers consider this site suitable and accessible."

At the meeting, there were objections from four speakers, including David Collier, a planning consultant representing the parish council and residents, and Councillor Pauline Dee, who both outlined that the site was located more than 3km away from facilities and schools, and the amount of traffic from nearby Jewsons would be of concern to the family.

Chairman of the meeting, Paul Wynn, said the site visit earlier that day confirmed that the site was a brownfield site and not open countryside, making it suitable.

Cllr Vince Hunt said: "The site visit was very beneficial.

"The issues of whether it was a greenfield site were fully put to bed.

"I have no sympathy with misconceptions, there is a clear need of culture, heritage and a way of life for the applicants.

Cllr Joyce Barrow agreed with the approval of the application, and added that the applicants have no history of anti-social behaviour.