A community group for Whitchurch Hospital has moved to thank a club's donation last month.

The Friends of Whitchurch Hospital received £800 from the North Shropshire Grass Track Car Club, collected over the previous 12 months, and it will be put toward fundraising for the Claypit Street-based hospital.

Rosemary Powell, from the Friends, said: "We would like to thank the North Shropshire Grass Track Car Club for their very generous donation of £800, collected by them over the last year, despite their difficulty in not having a home ground on which to compete with their cars.

"The club has been in existence since 1973 and has been local to Whitchurch for all that time, firstly at the Black Park track and then moving to Hinton Hall in 1996. They have always supported local charities and in particular The Friends of Whitchurch Hospital.

"Sadly the club lost its Hinton Hall track when its owners sold it in 2017. At that time they had to leave and are still looking for a new venue. They want to stay within 10 or so miles of Whitchurch if at all possible.

"It would be extremely useful if anyone has some land they could rent or lease to them, in order that they can continue to support local charities. They can be contacted by calling Ernie or Pat Ashley on 01948 663415."

The Friends of Whitchurch Hospital thank the club most sincerely for their support and wish them well in finding a new venue.