The Wingate Centre is celebrating it's 30th birthday.

In 1988, thanks to the dedication of eight local families, the Wingate Centre in Wrenbury first opened its doors, offering gymnastics classes to local disabled children.

Thirty years on, the services, now with a focus on disability fitness classes, are still very much in demand.

Each week, over 200 people, visit us from across Cheshire and Shropshire for sport and recreational activities. To date, 10,000 people have had a respite holiday at the Wingate Centre.

The centre want to continue brightening the lives of children for the next 30 years, but need the support of the local community to help to do that.

The centre needs to raise £300,000 each year to support local children like Meghan.

Meghan is six years-old, she lives in Nantwich and she comes to the Wingate Centre each week. She has Cerebral Palsy, development delay, visual impairment, epilepsy and is non-verbal. She needs 24/7 care.

Meghan’s mum Amanda said: “Before she came to the Wingate Centre Meghan was very clingy. She would not make eye contact with anyone else and would get really upset.

"Since coming to the Centre Meghan has become very sociable. She has made a bond through trust with the gym staff.

"The Wingate Centre is priceless to us as a family, just to see Meghan so happy and achieving goals that we never thought she would reach.

"As parents of a disabled child, we face obstacles constantly. The Wingate Centre enables Meghan to be Meghan with no obstacles. The staff believe in her and what she can do, not what she cannot."

To celebrate its 30th birthday, staff are inviting the local community to jump on over and join with our 30th Birthday Party and Sponsored Bounce at the Wingate Centre from 10.30am on Sunday March 25.

One of the centre's brightest stars, our vice president and Olympic Silver medallist in Rio 2016 Bryony Page, who trained at our mainstream trampoline classes, is hosting the event.

Doors open at 10.30am and our bounce is open to all ages and abilities; please get in touch for an application pack.

The Cheshire Gymnastics Display Team and the will be there to celebrate. Visitors will be joined by clients past and present and some local VIPs too. And, of course, there will be birthday cake.