Road signs have been stolen in Ellesmere, Welshampton and Gobowen.

West Mercia Police is warning people that it is an offence to steal or damage road signs. The first sign was taken at a operating site at Grange Road in Ellesmere.

Constable Paul Crump from the Ellesmere Town and Rural team said: "We've not had reports in the last month but that is not to say it's not happening. It seemed to be happening more in Welshampton and it is an offence. Last month up to half-a-dozen road signs were damaged or taken."

It was a concern among the councillors when highlighted at the Ellesmere Town Council meeting last month and Cllr John Frost said: "Well, it's not a good 'sign' is it!".

Mayor, Cllr Ryan Hartley said: "The problem is, if people steal them it causes hazards for others and it most probably just childish pranks.

"If the road signs are put up originally and something happens, people can't come back and have a go at the highways.

"I think often they are just dumped in a ditch somewhere and it is fairly pointless.

"It causes problems for roadworks and roadmen and of course, it is an expense to them as well as being a waste of peoples time."

If you have any information please call 101.