Plans to make Whitchurch a tourist trap and to help young people build lives are in the early stages, a councillor has confirmed.

Deputy mayor Councillor Bev Duffy told the Whitchurch Local Joint Committee meeting last week the town council's working with Shropshire to identify land that could be used for employment purposes, as well as a hotel chain.

She said: "We've identified land for employment purposes; the aim is to bring in a big hotel to boost tourism to the town.

"Also, we're hoping to develop ways to keep young people in the town and work here. We want to improve access to Whitchurch station, which doesn’t have disabled access.

"There's a suggestion for a digital innovation park on employment land, trying to attract satellite offices or even head offices.

"A meeting was organised in October 2017 for councillors to meet with the head of Shropshire council to put forward ideas and then further discussion towards their ideas in November meeting."

Cllr Duffy added an officer had been appointed to work with the council.