Wem Town Council have made a number of a financial decision at its special budget meeting, held last month.

Wem Swimming and Lifestyle Centre receive the largest portion of the budget, receiving £58,000 to ensure the continued running, with extra insurances costs bringing the overall amount to £67,300

After that came Wem Town Hall, receiving £22,000 and underwriting up to £5,500 worth of losses provided a minimum of four meetings per year are held between representatives of the town council and Town Hall staff.

Meanwhile, £32,666 was approved to be put towards new LED lights.

Other smaller items of note was to approval of councillor expenses at £1,075, floral planters at £3,500 and the CCTV budget at £3,000. The town council precept for the coming year has been placed at £302,767.

The Love Lane Cemetery internment and memorial fees were discussed, along with the Love Lane allotment annual rents

Fees included £800 for headstones between three feet and three foot six high and £600 for a plot for someone over the age of 12.

The council contribution for the year was also allocated, with many aspects of the community receiving money to assist with their continued running.

Community grants were awarded to groups including army cadets, the bible group and the bowling club.