More must be done to stop Welsh farmers being ‘second class citizens’ when it comes to accessing superfast broadband and mobile technology, according to National Farmers Union Cymru.

The call comes after the findings of the annual NFU Broadband and Mobile Survey, which showed that two thirds (67 per cent) of members quizzed in Wales said they were not able to access sufficient broadband speeds.

Furthermore, only 28 per cent of farmers polled in the NFU Broadband and Mobile Survey said that they felt the mobile phone signal they received was sufficient for their business needs.

NFU Cymru President John Davies said: “The results of this survey confirm that Welsh farmers are being hindered by access to superfast broadband and mobile technology when it comes to effectively running their businesses.

"Technological advances and access to improved communications platforms should be bringing us all closer together.

“Only last week the UK government had been celebrating that 95 per cent of UK homes and businesses now have access to superfast broadband. However, that is of little consolation to those of us living and working in rural locations that make up the remaining five per cent. Indeed, recent figures suggest that seven of the UK’s ten slowest areas for broadband speeds are in Wales.

“We know it can be immensely frustrating for Welsh farmers to read about the rollout of 5G in towns and cities, for example, when they struggle to complete even the most simple of tasks, such as a phone call to the vet or a supplier."

Mr Davies said NFU Cymru has held a number of meetings with BT and Openreach to address the rural connectivity issues experienced by many farmers in Wales.