Dear Sir,

It may be convenient for Whitchurch people who use Aldi to have one sited close by, but the main consideration has to be what is best for the town overall.

It would undoubtedly take shoppers away from the town centre, and thus damage existing traders. There seems little validity in the argument that having an Aldi outside the town would actually attract people in to the town centre; why would they come in, especially when there would not just be the Aldi out there, but also, close by, a garage, Starbucks, Spa, Greggs and Mcdonalds.

Let it also not be forgotten that the selected site is by a busy and dangerous roundabout, is on green belt and not development land and will intrude on the peace and beauty of the canal, which is a very precious asset for Whitchurch. I applaud Shropshire for turning down the planning application, and I hope they will do everything possible to fight any appeal which the company may seek.

Your correspondent, Ruth Biddulph, (January 31), does however make a very good point about the need for Shropshire CC, assisted by the town council, to manage the development of the town centre. Many other towns have done this, with chain stores being kept out so that local shops can flourish, with permission being given to shops that meet a need or which are “quirky” and make the town centre a more attractive place to shoppers. The failure to do this will be as big a threat to the Town centre as an Aldi would have been.

Tony Stephens

Bargates Cottage

Dear Sir,

As OUR paper, you have invited us to comment on the planning decision to stop Aldi on the outskirts of Whitchurch.

I am very pleased with it; anything to stop out of town shopping destroying our town centre has to be good for Whitchurch.

However, I am disappointed to see Aldi intended to carry on with their campaign; they make a killing at the expense of our town using legal experts who are happy to change sides.

I am also concerned about some of Aldi's comments – 'significant public support'. Have they? I've not heard much.

They say it's a 'modern new food store' – are our present food stores not modern and relatively new? Some time ago, Aldi stated that people would still come into town for the coffee shops etc as they had no such facilities.

What about Starbucks, McDonald's and the filling station over the road?

With the parking problems at these stores, I'm sure that Aldi's parking with bring them a welcome relief.

So, Aldi, if you want to be in Whitchurch, come into Whitchurch as you were going to some years ago, or are you frightened of the competition. Is Whitchurch big enough for another supermarket?

Yours, Vic Woodhouse, Whitchurch