A shake-up of parking charges across Shropshire has been called in for scrutiny by a group of councillors.

The Place Overview Committee will meet later this month after the parking strategy which was approved by Shropshire Council's Cabinet on January 17 was questioned by the Liberal Democrat Group.

In particular, they feel the banding of car parks in Wem should be re-examined on the basis that the consultation responses have not been taken into account, while they say the tradespersons waiver charges should be retained at £10 for second and consecutive days parking at the same location, saying it would "avoid unduly penalising town centre residents."

They also say concessionary parking should be retained at 15 minutes, adding: "Residents have a genuine need to pop into town for various reasons, and to insist they pay for

parking for a very short visit is to discourage trade in the town centres.

"To reduce the concessionary parking period to five minutes does not give sufficient time for the public to undertake any business in the town, and to suggest that the public should openly flout the regulations and use the statutory observation period of 10 minutes to supplement their parking time encourages unlawful behaviour."

Other concerns include the changes to parking charges in Ludlow.

The changes are due to be implemented across the county from July, with Cabinet looking at the residents parking permits later this month.