The Whitchurch Rotary Club’s Tree of Light remembers all those whose loved ones have passed away, with special thanks to Sentiments cafe and the end total raised was £1,942.

The names are:

Kath Venables, Always Remembered, Mrs Angela Allman Les, Mark, and Richard; Roy and Dora Busby, Very Much Loved and Missed, Mr & Mrs Elwyn & Jane Angel; Shane Julian Ankers, Our Precious Son and Brother Miss You So Much, Love Mum & Dad Mr. & Mrs Ian & Julie Ankers Gary, Laura and Families; Vivien Ashley Much Loved and Missed Mr.Leonard Ashley; Tim Aspinall My Husband and Harry & Tony, My Brothers Love and Miss You All Mrs Tim Aspinall.

Mick Baillie Love and Miss You, Grandad as Always Mrs. Annette Baillie Andrew, Donna, Jamie and Vicky; Mick Baillie Grandad Forever in Our Hearts, Love and Miss You Always Mrs. Annette Baillie Alfie, Harry Summer, Sophie, Evie and Seth; Iris and Fred Harris Always in Our Thoughts Mrs. Annette Baillie John, Annette, Paul and Families; Phyllis and Jim Baldwin, and Terry Baldwin, Treasured Memories of a Dear Mum and Dad and Brother, Mrs. C.J. Baldwin Tony, Freda, Philip, Christine, Emma and Mathew.

Joe and Pat Barber and Tony Barber, Loved and Remembered Always, Ms. Helen Barber Robert Dutton; Dill, Ernie and David Scane Loved and Missed Ms. Helen Barber Robert Dutton; Reg Barlow, Wish You Were Here Mrs Gladys Barlow; Janet Barton A Small Part of the World But Was Our World, Mr Roy Barton; Peter Bartlett, We Miss The Love and the Laughter, Mrs Wendy Bartlett Nikki, Sally, Joanna and Simon; Rosa Batchelor My Wife Always in Our Hearts Mr. Ted Batchelor Ted, Paul, Jane and Mark.

Ginger and Barbara Bates, Peter and Ron Bates, Always Remembered Mr. Ian Bates Sandra Gaughan; Anthony Brown and Sheila Bate, Happy Christmas, Thinking of You Mrs Jackie Bate Roger Bate; John Fisher, Missing You Still Especially at Christmas Your Favourite Time of The Year Ms Lynda Bates Jean, Lynda, Martin, David, Ian, Sarah & Katie; Henry and Marion Bebbington, and Arthur Reginald and Marjorie Pickering, Fond Memories Mr.& Mrs Charles & Jane Bebbington Lucy, Amy, Robbie and Families.

Andrew Peter Beddows, Foreever in Our Thoughts, Mum and Dad, Mrs. Peggy Beddows; Edward Beddows; Arthur Benson Always in Our Thoughts Mrs. Dorothy Benson and Son, John Benson; Nancy and Jack Metcalfe Always in Our Thoughts Mr. & Mrs John and Babs Bickley; Florence Duthrie, Another Year, Another Christmas Love to One So Very Dear Mrs. Margaret Bloor and Girls, Great Grandchildren Holly and Joseph; Jonathan Brayford, Forever in Our Hearts and Never Far from Our Thoughts Love Dad and Chris Mr Les Brayford and Christopher Brayford; George Brown, Missing You, especially at this time of year, Mrs. Brenda Brown Brenda, Paul, Christine, Phil, Emma and Mathew; Aidan Brown A Brother taken too Soon Mr. George Brown; Wesley Bloom Remembering a Special Brother, Mrs. Pauline Brown

Pauline Arrowsmith We Miss You More Than Words Can Say Loved and Remembered Every Day Mrs. Laura Butler Jackie, John, Samuel, Karl, Emma and Trevor; Kathleen ‘Minnie’ Evanson Harry EvansonAlways Remembered Mrs. Laura Butler Jackie, John, Samuel, Karl, Emma and Trevor; Geoffrey Michael Caine, So Dreadfully Missed Mrs Rosemary Caine; Anne Shirley Carmichael, My Wife and Best Friend, Mr. William Frederick Carmichael, Ian, Jane and Stuart Carmichael; Kath Williams, Treasured Memories of a Wonderful Lady Greatly Missed Mrs. Sandra Chesworth John and Bethany; Thomas and Nellie Miller, In Loving Memory, Mr & Mrs Hadi and Samera Chiad.

Hanna and Tony Clark, Sadly Missed Mr. Carl Clark and Family; Stephen Coffin, I Miss You Evert Single Day - Love Always Mrs Ann Coffin Martin Coffin We All Miss That Cheeky Smile Mrs Ann Coffin Mum, Ann and Zoe; Percy Dodd We Miss You Dad Mrs Ann Coffin Zoe Dodd; Ronald Pace, We Miss You Loads, Dad Mrs. Elaine Cole Andrew and Alison; Guy Cooper, A Loving Husband, and Rob Cooper - A Very Dear Son Rob and Matt Graham - a Dear Mother and Dad Mrs. L. Cooper; Betty Crump and Kenneth James Mum and Dad, Nan and Grandad Miss You and Thinking of You Always Mr. & Mrs. Ray and Julie Crump Aimee & Dan and Family Beki & Mark and Family and Charley; Margaret Curran, and Michael Curran. Remembered With Love, Miss Denise Curran; Eric Darlington, Love and Miss You So Much, Love Always Alice Mrs Alice Darlington, Grant, Sarah and Danielle;

Amanda Jayne Valentine, Remembering My Beautiful Daughter, My Love Always - Mum Mrs. Alice Darlington; Owen Darlington Treasured Memories of a Loving Father and Husband Mrs Audrey Darlington Joanne, Yvonne and families; John Davies, Royal Engineer In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband John Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather, Mrs Kathleen Davies; Colin Davies, Always Loved and Remembered, Mr. & Mrs Nigel & Margaret Davies; Joan Hall, Always in Our Thoughts Mr and Mrs Ken & Sue Davies Sue, Ken, Reg, Rose and Trevor; John Day, Forever in Our Hearts Ms Sonia Day Ian Day and Julie Brookfield; Percy Dodd, We Miss You and Will Love You Forever Mrs. Edith Dodd and Ian Dodd - Son.

Betty Dodgson, Mr. Frank Dodgson; Sophie Dolphin, John Roberts Much Love and Much Missed Mrs. Alison Dolphin Will Dolphin and Frank Atherton; Eve Donnelly, Still Missing You Mr. Bill Donnelly Michael, Mandy, Wendy, Tiny and Abi; Pam and Trude Sumner Freda and May Sumner and John Downes We Love and Miss You Always Margery Sumner; Maria Dubicki Millicent Joan Ashley - Mum & Nan Always in Our Thoughts and Forever in Our Hearts Mr & Mrs Peter and Mary Dubicki; Gladys & Jim Dudley Eddie & Minnie Howells and Geoffrey Howells Thank You - Loved Always - Never Forgotten Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dudley; Dick Dudley, Loved and Remembered Always, Jean Mrs. Jean Dudley; Mr John Dulson, I Miss You, Mrs. Freda Dulson Mr & Mrs David Dulson.

Kath Harris Librarian, Whitchurch Library & Mobile Library Mrs Heather Dulson; Mum and Dad Dulson Mum and Dad DykesGod Bless and Love Mrs Desmond & Elizabeth Dykes Kay Ellis, Mark & Craig Dykes; Eric Haycocks, and Edith Price, Miss You More Every Day Mrs Margaret Dykes Arabella, Mylo, Charlie, Maggie and Family; Sarah and William Brown Ronald Richard Dymock and Patrick Brown Missing You All, Love Eileen Mrs Eileen Dymock and Family; Roger and Nick Eaton, With Love Mrs. Sylvia M. Eaton; Lynne Downes, All our Love, Mum and Dad Always in Our Thoughts Mr. & Mrs Sam & Margaret Eccleston; Absent Family and Friends, Thinking of You Mr. & Mrs Ran and Jean Egan; David Ellison, Husband & Father Caroline Ellison - Daughter and Sister Another Christmas Without You Both You are Both Greatly Missed, Love Always Mrs Anne Ellison Sam, Mike and Alisha; Andrew Ellison, known as Elmo Missing You and Thinking of You Always, Mr and Mrs M. Ellison.

Robert Geoffrey Ellison, In Our Hearts He Will Always Stay Love and Rembered Every Day Mr & Mrs. Robert & Barbara Ellison Jeremy, Rachael and Families; Jim Ellison Sadly Missed Mrs. Sue Ellison Bev, Deb and Family; Ivy Elsley, Thinking of You Mum Mr. David Elsley; Annie Mullock and Annie Dawson, Always in My Thoughts, Ms Pauline Elsley; Paul Chase, Loved and Missed Always, Mrs. J. Evans; Arthur Evans To Our Sadly Missed Dad and Husband to Joyce Mr. Kevin Evans Mum, Joyce, Steve and Serena, Kev and Dee; Cyril and Jean Evans, Mr. Philip Evans & Janet.

Beryl and Jack Evanson, Their Memories Still Make Christmas Merry Mr. & Mrs Tim and Helen Evanson Helen, Chris and Will; Gresham Evans, Mrs. Valerie Evans Jeremy and Georgie; Herbert Evans My Husband Beatice Pritchard, My Sister Loved and Remembered Every Day Ms Winifred Evans; Jamie Evans Always on My Mind, Forever in My Heart Merry Chritmas Ms. Lucy Foster Steven Foster, Jack Foster & Gill Foster; Victoria Denman Joseph Jones, Elsie Jones & John Jones Lovingly Remembered Always Mrs. Maureen Foster Michael Slawson, Julian Denman; Beverly Smith, Susan Hart, and Jim Horton Our Very Dear Daughters and Our Son in Law Missed Every Day Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Bea Gerrie and Daughter Nicola Horton; Cyril & Ros Giddings Love and Miss You Both Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Kim Giddings; Neil Gilbert, Love You Always - Always In Our Hearts Love Kerry & Jane Miss Kerry Gilbert; Win And Arthur Baillie, Mum & Dad Mick Baillie - Dear Brother Lovingly Remembered - Not Forgotten Mrs. Lynda Gollins; Frances Manning A Much Loved Cousin Ms Angela Goode Pete, Jo and David.

David J. Green Betty Brown My Beloved Husband, & Grandpop Dear Sister Betty, Died Young at 43 in 1973 Mrs. Anna Green ( Nancy); Nanette Griffiths, and Neil Griffiths, A Loving Wife, Mum and Nana and a Dear Son and Brother, Both Greatly Missed Mr. Andrew Griffiths Sarah, Jack and Amy Griffiths and Eric Griffiths; Ronald Henry Grocott Trevor Grocott Special Thoughts of a Husband and Son at Christmastime Mrs. Joan Grocott; Robert Hale, Miss and Love You Always Mrs. Sylvia Hale Mum, Dad, Karen, Andrew, Susan, Stephanie Nathaniel, Megan & Georgia; Martin Fowles Dad Missing You at this Special Time, Love Bobby & Millie Mrs. Kathleen Harrison Mum, Ian, Rose, Foz and Lainey; Martin Fowles Son & Brother Christmas Wishes, Love from All Mrs. Kathleen Harrison Ian, Rose, Fuz, and Lainey; Don and Phyllis Hatton, Mr. & Mrs Ray & Margaret Hatton; Eric and Hazel Henshall In My Heart You’ll always Stay, Loved and Remembered Every Day Miss Angie Hayward; Alf and Eunice Eccleston Fred Hayward and Simon Lines Missing You All, Forever in Our Hearts Mr. & Mrs Steve and Rose Hayward; William and Joan Heatley Nicholas Condliffe, Bernard Kasperdwicz Always Loved and Missed Mrs. Irena Heatley Paul, Julia, Paula, Anthony; Graham and Margaret Hewitt Dennis & Rene Norman and Paul Wilson Mr. David and Terrie Hewitt; Stuart Hodson Forever in Our Hearts, Love Always Mrs. Jaqueline Hodson Carl Hodson & Family and Sasha Henshall & Family; Annie and Jim Whitfield, Quietly Remembered Mr.& Mrs N. Humphreys.

Barbara Anne Huxley, A Loving Wife and Mother Mr Frank Huxley Peggy Piggott; Philip and Sheila Collinge and Michael Collinge Mrs Janet Huxley Phillip; Rosie E.T.T. Missing You Mrs Margery Huxley; John Arthur Jenkins, Nathan Jenkins Loved and Missed Always, Never Forgotten Mrs Beryl Jenkins Michelle Jenkins, Johanna Thelwell, Gabriel Jenkins and Roman Jenkins; Michael Richard Jones Dearly Missed by Ann & Family Mrs. Ann Jones Jeanette, Gary, Guy, Trevor, Lee and Lucy; Phil Jones Always Remembered Mrs Brenda Jones and Family; Barbara and Ginger Bates Always Remembered Mrs Brenda Jones and Family.

E M Jones, and J.V. Jones & Evie Jones Byth Mewn Cof Mr Howard Jones; Keith Jones Phoebe - A Very Good Pal A Dear Husband and Father Mrs. Joyce Jones Isabel & Haydn; Michael Richard Jones Dearly Dearly Missed By Ann and Family Mrs. Margaret Ann Jones Jeanette, Gary, Guy, Trevor, Lee & Lucy; Mrs. Betty Jukes Always in Our Thoughts Mr Steve and Caroline Jukes Yasmin and Elliot Jukes; Reg and Barbara Bailey, Remembered as Good Friends Einwen and Tom Kelly; John Knowles My Husband My Brother Ken Southwell, My Son Terry and My Sister Doreen Impey You All Live in My Heart & Thoughts Forever Mrs. Joyce Knowles; Lil and Tony Kozyra Forever in Our Thoughts Mr. Mike and Rhoda Kozyra Louise, Lisa, Jay, Jack and Ruby; Bill and Dolly Webster, David and Philip Webster, God Bless - Miss You All Mr. & Mrs Mike & Rhona Kozyra and All The Family; Jason Stuart ( JEL ) Smith, Love You More Mr. & Mrs Mike & Rhona Kozyra Steven, Jane, Martyn, Sandra, Lisa, Louise and Heather; Tony Kozyra Lilian Kozyra How Quick Time Passses Since You Left Us Mr. Stuart Kozyra and the Family.

David John Lakin A Very Dear Son Loved and Remembered Every Day Mr. F. and Mrs. S. Lakin; Stephen Robin Langley Love and Miss You Always Ms Marjorie Langley; Freda Maimie Last An Everlasting Light Mr. John Last Anita & Graham Last; Kay Lawledge, With Love, Mr Jack Lawledge; Frank Lea, Always Loved, Never Forgotten, Mrs Eunice Lea Chris, Nik, Trace and Families; Keith Ledward, Thinking of You Always Mrs Ann Ledward Kevin, Nicola and Family; Stephen John Lightfoot, and Elena Grace Lightfoot, With All Our Love, Mr. & Mrs John & Jean Lightfoot; Emma Lindop, John Lindop and Ena Chesters Forever in Our Thoughts, Mrs Elizabeth Lindop Peter Lindop; John Henry Lloyd, Mark Anthony Whitfield, Kate Garland Always in Our Thoughts Mrs Kathleen M Lloyd; Maureen and Ken Edwards, Iris Durrant Mum, Dad and Nan, Miss You So Much Always in Our Hearts and Minds Mrs Mandy Maclean Steve, Jordan, Jodie, Andrew and Baby Cole.

Joseph and Mary Marren, Remember and Love You Always Miss Jennifer Marren Anne, Jennifer, Michael, Janet and Paul; Michael David Marsh, David Christopher Marsh, Always in Our Thoughts Still Close to Us, Mrs Sandra Marsh Iain, Hayley, Cameron, Madison & Charis; Michael & Marjorie Matthews For My Dear Miss Lesley Matthews; Revd. Anthony Miller Treasured Memories Mrs. Janet Miller; Len and Marge Millington, Always Loved, Never Forgotten Mr Barry Millington Tony Millington & Terry Stonier and Families Mr and Mrs W. Bailey and Roy; Mr and Mrs W. Bailey and Roy Thinking of You Mrs Pauline Mills Eve, Roy & Fred; John and Hilda Mitchell, Mary Lievesley, Bert & Edna Proudlove Will be Remembered Forever, Mr & Mrs John and Ann Mitchell Gary, Angela and Paul; George Molyneux, Gone But Not Forgotten Mrs Irene Molyneux and Family; Percy and Lily Pace, Frank and Gwen Moulton, Sheila Gordon, Audrey Pilsbury Richard and Geoffrey Pace Always in Our Thoughts Richard and Geoffrey Pace Always in Our Thoughts Mr & Mrs John & Janet Moulton Lesley and Ray Smith.

Bert and Mary Nelson, Remembering with Love a Special Mum & Dad, Mr Bert Nelson Brenda, Val and Families; Hilda Bathgate Fisher, Remembering a Good Friend, Wendy and Bert Nelson; Ruth and Harrison Newton,Remembering with Love a Special Mum & Dad, Mrs Wendy Nelson Bert Nelson, Louise and Sara & Family; Ernest & Olive Newbrook Peter, Garry & Robert Newbrook Deeply Missed and Fondly Remembered Mrs. Pamela Newbrook Ann Thomas, Nee Newbrook; Andrew Newman, We Love and Miss You So Much Mrs. Alison Newman Mum, Dad, Letara and Alesha; Eileen Nicholson ments in Life When You Miss Someone So Much That You Want to Pick Them From Your Dreams and Hug Mr. Michael Nicholson Wendy Nicholson; Michael O’Neil He Lived for Those He Loved And We Remember Him With Love Mrs. Janet O’Neil David, Kate, Libby and Families Helen, Abbie & Sharon; Jim and Edith Roberts, and Elsie Warburton, Remembered with Love From All the Family, Mrs Margaret O Neill June & Derek Ralphs, Valerie & John Burfitt, Ken & Margery Roberts; Mary Corbett We Will Always Love You Mrs Paulette Owen Ron, Paulette, Philip, Graham, Yvonne and Stephen; Joan Ann Clutton, Loved , Remembered Always, Ms. Margaret Ann Padmore Joy Fox, Steven and Alan Woolham - Grandchildren.

Tom and Mary Gladdy, Always in My Heart, Mrs Sheila Parker; Mrs. B Martin Mr. Roy Penlington Sending all our Love in Remembrance of You Always in Our Hearts Mr. James Penlington Mike, Jo, Lisa and Family; Jan Penlington Never More than a Thought Away Love and Miss You Every Day Mr. Mike Penlington Mick, Lisa, Joanna and Family; Brian Pritchard, Always in Our Thoughts Mrs Karen Platt Brandon, Charlotte and Ben; Guy Cooper, Mr & Mrs Robert Graham and Rob Cooper, A Loving Dad, Special Grandparents & Much Loved Brother Love and Miss You All Mrs A Porter Rod Porter; Douglas Preston Remembered Always Mrs. Margaret Preston.

Eric and Betty Thom Now Together Mrs Shelagh Pritchard Jones Mr. David Pritchard Jones; Olive and Howell Pritchard Jones Loved and Remembered Always Mr. David Pritchard Jones Mrs. Shelagh Pritchard Jones; Joan Ann Clutton, Loved Missed and Remembered Forever, Mrs. Norma Marion Pritchard Mrs. Karen Platt and Mr. Clive Pritchard; Fred and Emily Crowe, Always in Our Thoughts, Mr. & Mrs Peter & Devina Radcliffe Emma and Jack Radcliffe; Alison Latham, Always in Our Thoughts Ms Wendy Raichura; Phil Jones So Very Loved and So Badly Missed Ms Wendy Raichura Brenda Jones, Martin & Neil Jones, Chris & Paula Jones; Brian de-Wyrrall Miss you Every Day, Dad Ms Jayne Reilly; Evan and Elizabeth Baines George Molyneaux and Barbara Jefferies Grandparents, Dad and Friend All Made a Difference to My Life Mr. & Mrs Raymond Ridgway Iris, Ray, Ian, Joanne, Becky & Alex; Wallace and Rose Ryder Geoffrey Ridgway Always in My Thoughts Mrs. Lucy M. Ridgway.

Arthur & Gladys Ridgway A Special Mum & Dad, Grandparents and Great Grandparents Mr. Raymond Ridgway Iris Ridgeway, Barbara & Tom Mayers and Grandchildren; Nigel Roberts, Ian Roberts You Live on In Our Lives Forever, Mr. & Mrs David and Pat Roberts Paul, Liam and Max Roberts; Frank and Doris Pritchard, Mum and Dad, Forever in Our Hearts, Mrs. Jennifer Roche Gerard Roche & Family & Sam Pritchard; Edna and Lionel Harrold Mum & Dad Love You Forever Mrs Gill Ross; Marjorie Ryder William James Ryder We Miss You More Than You Could Realise Mr David Michael Ryder; Jean Rymer, Bill Gadsden, Loved and Missed by Us All Mr. Paul Rymer Karen, Evie and Ashley Rymer; Roy and Dora Busby, Missing You Both - With Love Always Mrs Joy Saunders; Ted Scott, Memories Keep You Close to Us Mrs Mary Scott Geoffrey and Family; Elsa Our Wonderful Labra - Doodle Mr. Keith Senior Mrs Jenny Senior.

Frank Seywell, My Memories of You Will Never Die Mrs Norma Seywell Alan Griffiths; Alfred and Alice Griffiths Time May Pass But Memories Stay Mrs Norma Seywell Alan Griffiths; Michael Shuker, and Eileen Turner, Loving Memory, Mrs Eileen Shuker; Kenneth H.J. Simkiss, Always In My Thoughts, Mrs. M. Simkiss and the Family; Alobert-Paddy Slawson, Mary Slawson and Michael Slawson Wish You Were Here, Thinking of You Mr George Slawson David Slawson; Archie Small, and Anne Small Always In Our Thoughts, Mrs Florence Small ( Floss) John, David and Families; June Speakes, Christmas Never the Same Without You - Neil In Our Thoughts, Miss You Ian Fiona and Nathan Mr. Neil Speakes Ian, Fiona & Nathan; Leslie Stant Memories Last Foreever Mrs Sheila Stant; Thomas William Stevens ( Bill ) Mrs. Frances Rose Stevens; Eric and Joan Bebbington, Alan and Heather Bebbington Love and Miss You All Mrs Karren Summers Roy, Keith, Trish, Mon, Pat, Dan, Becky Stacy, Gordon, Michelle, Loz & Jackson.

Terry Thompson, Impossible to Forget, Mr. Bob Thompson Jimmy and Neil Thompson, Terence Walter Thomas, known as Terry Loved and Remembered Always, Mrs Joan Thomas and Family; Service Personel Fire Service, Police Service Ambulance Service, Social Workers To All Those Who Died Doing Their Duty Mr. Peter Vickery Linda Ann Vickery; Betty & Ken Steele Mum & Dad Love You Forever Mrs. Hillary Vondinther and All The Family; Jennifer Dodd Loved and Remembered Always and Big Hugs Mrs Julie Wagstaffe; Joan Margaret Wagstaffe Wife and Friend For Over 63 Years Is Missed Every Day Mr. Peter Robert Wagstaffe; Joan Margaret Wagstaffe Wife, Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grandmother Loved By All Mr. Peter Robert Wagstaffe Paul and Andrew Wagstaffe & Wives and Families; Moya Walker Fond Memories Mr. David Walker; Sheila Walker Derek & Chaz Walker and Ethel Batho Always Loved and Remembered Mr. Nigel and Carol Walker; Bob Walmsley, Forever in Our Thoughts, Missing You Always Lots of Love, Mrs Peg Walmsley Helen, Andrew, Jane, Ant, Barry, Dian Adam, Hayden, Milly, Harry Bas and Hilda Watson, Fred and Lilian Long; Bas and Hilda Watson, Fred and Lilian Long, Remembered With Love, Mr & Mrs Greg and Ann Watson.

Graham Weaver We Love and Miss You Mrs Ann Weaver Helen, Tim, Nick and Ann; Albert Webb, known as Bert, Loved and Remembered Always by Win and Family, Mrs Winifred Webb and Family; Iris and Monty Davenport Our Christmas Celebrations aren't the Same Without you Both Mrs Carol Welburn Carol & Janice Paul, Anthony, and Families; Family and Friends Remembered With Love Mr. & Mrs Tom & Maureen Welch; John Welford and Russ Welford You Are Both in Our Thoughts Every Day Mrs Rita Welford Jan and Devon; Les Wharton, Warm and Happy Memories of Dad Who is Sadly Missed, Mr. Gary Wharton Julie, Josh and Danny; Super Granny Penny, Always Remembered, Ms R. Allman.          

Albert & Joan Austin A Very Special Mum and Dad Sadly Missed Mrs June Wharton Julie, Gary, Joshua and Dan; John Williams, Loved and Remembered Always Mrs. Betty Williams Gill, Andrew, Mark and Families; William Tennyson Braithwaite Williams, Jane Williams Mr. & Mrs. David & Linda Williams; Derek Williams, Always in Our Thoughts, Love and Miss You Mrs Kathleen Williams Andrew, Brian, Amanda, Amy, Erin, Tom & Tara; Joe and Doris Fowles, Treasured Memories, Mrs Margaret Williamson; Beatrice Williams, and John George Williams, Mr Peter Williams; Clara Digby, You are always in our Thoughts, Mrs Pearl Williams Alf and Adrian Williams; David Williams A Very Treasured Son Mr. James and Sheila Williams; Charles and Barbara Wilson Missing You Both So Much Ms Fiona Wilson.

Arthur and Doris Wiltshire Remembering You at Christmas Mr. Brian Wiltshire Paulette, Juliette and Brad; Josef (Jerry ) Franko and Muriel Franko Forever Loved Mrs Paulette Wiltshire Brian, Juliette and Brad; Grahame Wise, and Alfred Williams, Much Loved Husbands and Dads Always in Our Thoughts Mrs Elaine Wise Simon Wise, Nichola Williams and May Williams; Frank Wright Loved and Remembered Mrs Dorothy Wright and Family; Stefan Wruszek Remembered With Love Mrs. Janet Wruszek; Joe and Doris Fowles, In Fond Memory, Kath and Roly Wyatt Roland Wyatt; Agnes and Gilbert Wyatt, Always Remembered, Roland and Kath Wyatt Kath Wyatt; Norma and Tony Speed, and Patricia Speed, Christmas Memories Never Fade Mrs Sandra Yates; Mary Alice Young, The Years go by, But Memories Last Forever Mr. & Mrs David and Lyn Young Nicola, Lisa, James and Families; George and Olive Cairns In Our Hearts Forever Mr & Mrs David and Lyn Young Lisa, James, Nicola and Families.