(Walker Theatre, Shrewsbury, May 19)

In THESE combative times, it's easy to be irritated, offended or downright enraged by other people. How do we know which causes are worth fighting for? On her brand new stand-up tour, Lucy Porter uses her hilarious experiences to help you decide.

Recent TV and radio appearances include: QI, Alan Davies' As Yet Untitled, Room 101, News Quiz, The Now Show.

nTickets cost £15 and the performance starts at 8pm. For more details, call 01743 281 281 or head to


(New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme, May 16-June 2)

By Compton Mackenzie

Adapted by Philip Goulding

Directed by Kevin Shaw

The ISLANDERS of Great and Little Todday are dismayed to find their whisky supply dwindling as the government diverts the precious stuff to the Americans. Relief seems to be at hand when a 50,000 bottle cargo shipwrecks close by, until stuffy Paul Waggot takes it upon himself to prevent them taking advantage of their good fortune.

This new adaptation is a tribute to the feisty, fearless all-female touring companies of the post-war years. Witness the Pallas Players as they play all the hilarious characters from Mackenzie’s tale in an innovative and beguiling play that breathes fresh life into a well-loved masterpiece.

Illustration based on a book cover design by Birlinn Ltd, which features an illustration by Paul Bommer.

Whisky Galore by Compton Mackenzie is available in a gift book edition from Birlinn Ltd.

nTickets cost between £14.50-24 – for more details, call 01782 717 962 or email


(Theatr Clywd, Mold, Apr 28-Jun 9)

Peter Welford intends his art to be seen as a mirror. These paintings are not comforting salon pictures, but rather meant as a form of journalism. Their themes are provocative and sometimes political, not soliloquies but dialogues with the viewer. The allegorical nature of many of the subjects, and the veiled symbolism which lies within each painting, makes that dialogue the more rewarding. The more one looks, the more one finds.

Welford’s technique is miniaturist and layered, while he lives and works at beautiful Gwydir Castle in North Wales. His studio is at the top of the late-fifteenth century Solar Tower. ‘

nEntry is free – 01352 701521 or for more.