With the introduction of Disney+ on March 24th, we are blessed with a plethora of brilliant films to watch over these next few months.

As well as giving us access to all the old Disney classics, Marvel films and Star Wars, the platform provides us with many originals. For example, the remake of Lady and the Tramp.

Charlie Bean’s Lady and the Tramp is a charming and entertaining remake of the 1955 classic. Its adorable characters and wholesome story line make it a great film for all the family.

One of this film’s most notable aspects is its simple yet effective humour. It is the perfect mixture of innocent jokes to appeal to the kids and more subtle wit to appeal to the adults watching. This makes it a brilliant family film with something for everyone.

Although awkward at times, the visual effects are beautiful. For the most part, the dogs are portrayed by their real life ‘actors’ but for the more intense and difficult scenes, CGI is involved. In these instances, the individual hairs and minute details are immaculate.

The only negative would be the talking animation. Yes, it is a film about talking dogs so of course it won’t look real, but the movements seemed jagged; an unsettling contrast to the beauty of the rest of the film. The songs are fun and enjoyable, but it seemed to lack some of the 1955 film’s magic. Some characters are different (the Siamese cats for example) and some of the original songs are left out, their replacements less favourable.

This leaves the question: is it better than the original? Simply put, no. Nevertheless, it is an amusing movie worth watching if you get the chance.