SPORTING enthusiasts from Oswestry are being sought to bring home the bacon at this year's Shropshire Olympian Festival.

A highlight in the county's sporting calendar, the competitive event to be held on June 18 at Shrewsbury's Quarry Park will pit teams from towns, villages and organisations across the area in a mix of unusual ancient activities.

Teams are now being invited to put their names down for one of the challenges, which include the hilarious 'catching the pig' game involving a slippery 'pig' on a bungee rope; the tug of war; tossing the bale; the wheelbarrow relay; the eight-legged race; and jingling, which sees a blind-folded team try to catch someone covered head to toe in bells.

Shropshire Councillor Steve Charmley, Cabinet member for Culture and Leisure, said: "This challenge offers a range of games that our great-great-great grandparents would be very familiar with.

"Alas we won't see medal winners for these ancient and rustic games in London 2012, but we will do in Shrewsbury 2011."

The council is now looking for groups made up of 12 men and women to sign up and compete against those from the Shropshire Firefighters and BBC Radio Shropshire who have already got involved.

Some trial heats and rehearsals are also due to be held at Blists Hill in the Spring to give teams ample opportunity to work out tactics, get to grips with the pig and check out the competition.

For more information and register your interest call 01743 252305 or email