THE United Kingdom will go to the polls on Thursday, May 6, and a whole raft of candidates are hoping for your vote in the two Powys constituencies.

We threw the floor open to you - the readers - to put your questions to the prospective MPs, and eighth question came from Philip Williams.

He asked: "If elected will you make public your activities of the last week and plans for the next week on a weekly basis?"

LEMBIT OPIK (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, MONTGOMERYSHIRE: " I'm happy to report I ALREADY do this kind of reporting - though getting publicity for such good news isn't always easy!  We've experimented with modern internet outlets to keep people posted as well, and have a good relationship with the local press. 

"Also, you'll have seen my regular publications, als designed to keep you informed of my activities.  The national based papers are more interested in the bad news than the good - so it's an uphill struggle there. 

"But, happily, the County Times generally strives for balance and is willing to celebrate the good results and work people do.

"It's a lifeline to keeping you up to date.."

NICK COLBOURNE (LABOUR, MONTGOMERYSHIRE): "As someone who often gets told that I blog too much, I totally agree with you and would actually go further to ensure those who are still not online are also kept informed. I guess the easiest way to do that would be to see the webpage carried directly into print."

HELEDD FYCHAN (PLAID CYMRU, MONTGOMERYSHIRE): "Yes, I think it would be healthy for democracy to sharewith constituents what I have been up to as your MP.

" I would also widely publicise all surgeries to ensure that those who need to see me have the opportunity to do so."

GLYN DAVIES (CONSERVATIVE, MONTGOMERYSHIRE): "I fully accept the principle underlying Philip's question, though I may not follow the exact formula he suggests. I have been doing something similar far about five years through writing my blog, 'A View from Rural Wales'. 

"I have also recently become a user of Facebook, and intend to expand this - when I have more time.

"Finally, I would authorise my diary secretary to answer any questions about where I am, where I have been, and what I'm doing at all times - as I did during my eight years as an Assembly Member. 

"I was always a full-time AM, and I would be a full-time MP. It's what politicians are paid for."

ROGER WILLIAMS (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, BRECON & RADNORSHIRE): "Yes, I completely agree with Philip Williams's suggestion."

The General Election is not about what we think.... have you got any questions for the candidates? From now until election day we want your questions.

Every question you put will be forwarded to the candidates (within reason obviously...) and they have agreed to answer them. Answers will be published online, starting from the middle of next week.

So don't sit there wondering. If you've got a question, now's your chance...

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