THE United Kingdom will go to the polls on Thursday, May 6, and a whole raft of candidates are hoping for your vote in the two Powys constituencies.

We threw the floor open to you - the readers - to put your questions to the prospective MPs, and seventh question came from Philip Williams.

He asked: "What element of your own party's policies are you least comfortable with and why?."

LEMBIT OPIK (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, MONTGOMERYSHIRE: "The policy I disagree with most is our stance in the nuclear debate.  I originally felt that nuclear power was a bad idea.  When I became Shadow Energy Minsiter, I put my position to the test by agreeing with the industry to conduct an objective investigate on the matter. 

" My 12-month investigate persuaded me that, in fact, we can only deliver a Zero Carbon Britain WITH nuclear energy.  Other renewable forms of power simply won't be enough to make up the 127 gigawatts we'll probably need if we're to electrify our economy.  I've tried to change my party's policy on this - it's work in progress. 

"On a separate matter, while I agree with the Lib Dem policy on phased withdrawal from Afghanistan across five years (and fully supported our total oppostion to the Iraq War), I believe it would be better to set a more ambitious target, of, 18 months to 2 years fro getting our military home.  In my book, the best politicians work within parties and think for themselves.  That way, there can be an honesty to debate and dissent which is healthy for political progress, and allows a deeper level of discourse than would otherwise be the case."

NICK COLBOURNE (LABOUR, MONTGOMERYSHIRE): "I'd have to answer Trident and not just because of the colossal costs involved, I simply don't want us all living in a world where such weapons exist."

HELEDD FYCHAN (PLAID CYMRU, MONTGOMERYSHIRE): "Plaid Cymru has had to mature its approach to politics and policies since becoming part of the Welsh Assembly Government. It's easy as an opposition party to promise everything to everyone, and now we have to ensure that what we promise is achievable and deliverable. I have been hugely critical of the party's recent approach to tuition fees for university students, and voiced my concerns publicly. I am not afraid of disagreeing with my party when I'm unhappy about something!"

GLYN DAVIES (CONSERVATIVE, MONTGOMERYSHIRE):  "I have never been in favour of my party's support for all these TV Debates, and have opposed the idea through all the years that the idea has been mooted.

"These debates have created a quasi 'Presidential' system in Britain, and I believe have undermined the important role of the individual candidates standing for election. I accept that they have generated great public interest in politics - as there is great public interest in most reality television programmes.

"But in Montgomeryshire, I and the other candidates are working day and night to win your support, (and in some cases have been for years)  and it is our names that will be on the ballot paper next week. Let's keep a strong 'local' element in our political system."

ROGER WILLIAMS (LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, BRECON & RADNORSHIRE): "I have some concerns about my party's proposals to limit the use of CCTV in our communities. There is a balance to be struck between safeguarding individuals' civil liberties and protecting the amenity of our town centres and public spaces.

"For instance, the regular vandalism of the Sports Pavilion in Talgarth has been stopped since CCTV was installed there.

"So, sensible use of this technology can both protect civil liberties and prevent and detect anti-social behaviour and more serious crime."

The General Election is not about what we think.... have you got any questions for the candidates? From now until election day we want your questions.

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