The Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia has revealed plans to take on a key fire role in a bid to save £4 million.

John Campion says by taking on the roles of the two local fire authorities – Shropshire and Hereford & Worcester – the local police and fire services could be “significantly improved” without impacting frontline services.

PCCs were brought in across England and Wales in 2012 to take over from police authorities.

He launched a consultation on the proposal last week.

Mr Campion said: “These proposals are about delivering the best long-term results for our communities and our emergency services.

“Our fire authorities have laid some good foundations, but it’s clear to me our communities are not getting the most effective, efficient services they could. That can only be achieved by making this change.

“By ensuring our police and fire services are collaborating and integrated as much as possible, we can deliver better emergency responses, improve prevention measures, and increase information sharing between the services.

“It allows us to deliver necessary efficiencies in a way that protects the frontline, fully respecting and retaining the professional skills and knowledge within each service and geographic area, which I think is a key priority for our communities.”

The consultation ends on September 11.