Whitchurch's water voles alert the cameras as rare sightings excite viewers


Staff reporter (Whitchurch Herald)

WITH BBC’s Springwatch well under way showing the delights of the country’s wildlife at this time of the year, the corporation’s cameras have found their way to Whitchurch.

This is because of a rare sight at Stagg’s Brook, near Tesco in White Lion Meadow, where water voles have been seen.

The discovery was made by a water vole enthusiast called Kate Long, who told the BBC she was delighted with an encounter with one of the animals.

“I had an apple with me when I was waiting for them and I was aware a vole had come out of the vegetation,” said Kate, an author who has been a vole enthusiast for decades.

“The vole was nibbling at the apple, so I took it, meaning to have it back. But the vole carried on nibbling , so in effect I was hand-feeding it.”

The spotting of a water vole is rare but the brook offers a perfect safe haven for the voles because predators move around the nearby canal. But keeping an eye for droppings should help you spot one in the town.

Kate added: “They like polystyrene because it’s water proof and it’s a good place to put their droppings, knowing they won’t float away.

“It’s common for them to use it to mark their territory.“

Picture courtesy of Kate Long @volewriter

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