The final names for the Wem Tree of Light for 2017 have been announced, with a number of departed loved ones remembered by friends and family.

The names are:

John and Chad Perry; Haydn and Jean Ford;  Bill and Marian Brace;  Jenny and Bryan Roadnight; Anna and Alf Tracey.

Peter Broadhurst; Ken Evans; Arthur Taylor; Bill Witherspoon; Margaret and George Prince; Norman and Aunts Emily & Agnes; Derek Ashley; David Vernon Mayer; Ted (Snr) and Freda Davies.

William and Laura Knight; John Styles; Margaret and Wag Crisp; Sara Crisp; Pam Iddles; Dennis and Tim Healey.

Lynda and Rolland Coomansingh; Marjory Gardiner; Richard Hall; Eric and Beryl Cartmail; Les & Lilian Hall.

Eileen Bentley; Carol Stirton; Evelyn and Edgar Cliff; Bob and Maisie Madeley; Walter and Celia Harrision; John and Kath Greenough.