‘Christmas has been kind to us and we have managed to win all three games, which is what the management laid down as a challenge to the boys – and they’ve delivered.

You only get out of football what you’re prepared to put in so between games we have trained hard.

After seeing off Eccleshall fairly comfortably, we made the short trip to Oswestry on Boxing Day – and to reward our huge support with an 89th-minute winner created another lasting moment we will always remember.

Oswestry were resilient but we stuck at it and but for the post (twice) and a worldy from their keeper, it could’ve been three or four.

The St Helens game here last week was in doubt but up stepped the amazing staff, volunteers and even the gaffer to play a massive part in what was to follow.

On a cold Friday afternoon they left their firesides to work on the pitch.

To take the standing water off and roll the ground flat like that was brilliant and it allowed the game to go ahead on a very sticky pitch.

Where else would you get that? That 5-1 win should be dedicated to those boys. Magic!

It’s a collective thing we have here; it’s not just the players helping put points on the board.

The media team put out a great Christmas Day message and the lads loved doing that.

It creates a bonding and is a good laugh and there is no other club around Step 6 that puts out stuff as consistently as we do, so thanks to them.

The support we have had has been amazing – the fans really are our 12th man sometimes, and we want you to keep banging those drums loud and make a noise.

It lifts the lads – they all comment about it so play your part please and thank you to you all.

That’s not the only thing that can lift you. New players coming in to strengthen, players returning from injury – Millsy coming back to some kind of fitness, assuming the knock he picked up on Saturday isn’t too bad.

I was made up for the lad when he netted that late winner at Oswestry – moments like that can define your season.

Left-sided winger Lee Pickerill has been on the radar and will give us balance going forward.

We cannot rest. The lads have to fit into our philosophy and our ideas.

Top of that philosophy is respect to our supporters. Second is respect to and for each other, and the third is hard work. They are all musts and they are the standards we lay down and won’t be lost on anyone.

Yes, we want to win, but those standards will come before winning – one generally complements the other. Good standards equals a good chance of winning, simple.

Going into this new year, new targets will be set for the players and staff and we have to strive to achieve them.

Nothing comes easy so that is our new year’s resolution to ourselves.