A Whitchurch resident has spoken of their disgust at the way public space near Edward German Drive has been left by vehicles.

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, sent photos to The Herald showing extensive damage to grassland between Edward German Drive and Rydal Avenue which is close to Stags Brook, whose colony of rare water voles was featured on TV last year.

The resident says the damage was done after a tree surgeon was instructed to work in Rydal Avenue and decided to use their vehicle on the soft ground.

“The tree surgeon decided to access this by driving his blue 4x4 pick up over this green space, which is very wet, to access the tree, rather than walking down the garden,” they said.

“At the end of the job he drove out by driving in a wide arc nearer the stream where he got stuck so help was sent for which took the form of a black 4x4 which in turn got stuck in the wet ground.

“Further help came in the form of a huge JCB with an extendable front grab. This drove down the steepest bank from the main road and embedded itself up to its front axles at the top of the site.

“We had a further van arrive and a blue tractor, which being lighter was able to tow out all the stuck vehicles.

“However most of the grass at the top of the site has been destroyed and we have numerous deep trenches, some going down as far as three feet.

“In a few months contractors will normally access the site for the regular mowing. However that will be impossible due to the extremely deep ruts.”

The resident admitted neighbours are also disgusted and that the vehicles rescued or rescuing others have left dried mud on the road. 

Shropshire Council have been contacted for a comment but at the time of going to print, had not yet responded.