THE OWNER of a Wem beauty salon who had a motorcycle come crashing through her door is calling for safety barriers to be erected in the High Street.

Rachel Hargreaves, who has been running No. 49 for six years, was showered with glass alongside her clients and staff when the bike came flying through the door.

It had been knocked off course by a car at the junction outside her salon, but Rachel says it is not uncommon for people to hit the shop and wants more to be done.

“I’m calling for safety barriers to be put into place in the High Street,” she said.

There’s accidents on this junction all the time. It’s the third time (my salon) has been hit when traffic means vehicles mount the pavement.

“If there were barriers, it would have helped.

“The coffee table stopped about six inches away from my client and if it wasn’t there, we could’ve been seriously injured. The motorcyclist felt terrible – it wasn’t his fault.”

Rachel says the incident happened around 6.40pm last Thursday, and joked that her clients usually come in wheelchairs, not motorbikes.

But she says the serious side is having to replace and repair all the damage caused.

She added: “I was cutting my client’s hair withy my back to the door.

“I heard an almighty crash and it shattered so much glass. The first thing I saw was the motorcyclist on the floor and he’d ripped the door off.

“He shattered the glass on the coffee table, fell off his bike and onto the sofa.”

The motorcyclist was taken to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for treatment for leg injuries. Anyone with information about the crash can contact West Mercia Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.