PARANORMAL investigators were left struggling to contain their excitement after they claimed to make contact with a former RAF radio operator at Sleap Airfield near Wem.

Paranormal Friends, which is based in Shrewsbury, headed to the airfield – which has a long history of spooky goings on – last week.

Chris Morris, from the group, admitted he was lost for words when he tried to collect his thoughts and said Sleap airfield more than lived up to their expectations – with one stand-out moment.

“Normally, when I arrive home after an investigation I find it easy to write a short summary of an investigation – but this time it was different,” he said.

“Yes, the former RAF Sleap Airfield lived up to our expectations and produced ample activity of most sorts to have made it a fascinating night once again.

“It was our final vigil, in the main room of the Wartime Recovery Group Museum. 

“We were getting some commun-ication using K2 meters when one of our group whisper-ed to me that he had had the name Eric spoken in his ear.

“Just before this someone else had suggested a wireless operator was around. 

“Then one of our other guests suggested we ask if the spirit was named on the (World War Two) commemorative stone outside.”

Chris went out to investigate the names on the stone where he found Sergeant Eric Young and said his equipment confirmed his presence, leading to a long “conversation”.

He added: “I then mentioned that he was the radio operator and immediately we had another full and sustained deflection of our K2s.

“We all witnessed this – were all very drained and rather emotional. Frankly, had I the ability I felt we ought to have given a prayer for these heroes but that was beyond me.

“However, I suggested we should have a minute’s silence in respect to our fallen service men and women and everyone agreed.”

Chris said the group would be returning to the airfield in October.