STORM Doris blew her way through the area last week and brought destruction with her – leading to some new problems as well as issues with old ones.

Jane Jones sought the help of Shropshire councillors Peggy Mullock and Gerald Dakin last week as tiles on a property going to ruin in Edgeley House loosened in the wind.

Her property is next door and she told Cllr Mullock she was worried, with two children playing in the next-door garden, about the safety of the house.

Cllr Mullock said: “The house will be open even more to the elements. The dining room ceiling has already come down with water ingress.

“Shropshire has already boarded up the building when doors and windows were damaged recently.

“Cllr Dakin and myself called to see Jane to make sure she and the family were all right and are urging  a solution must be found before any more damage happens.”

Meanwhile, in Malpas, a number of big trees were uprooted in the village, blocking roads at Grindley Brook, Bickley and Waverton.

At Bickley Moss, a tree was blown down against Martyn Holden’s ancient black and white thatched cottage, blocking the A49.

Martyn said: “No-one was hurt, so that’s a blessing. Railings and walls were demolished – but it could have been a lot worse.

“Thanks to one fantastic driver, along with some others, the road was opened in double-quick time. Thanks to all the people who helped – it was a great team effort.”

The driver was later identified as Bobby Peate of North Shropshire Transport Ltd.

Malpas’s Co-op and Londis stores were both closed the following day as power cuts had caused fridges and freezers to defrost. 

There were floods in the shops, making it impossible to sell the stock.