FORMER England football international Michael Owen has tried his hand at being a jockey ahead of the finale of the British flat racing season.

Owen, who owns Manor House Racing stables in Malpas, was taken through the basics of being a jockey by champion jockey Ryan Moore.

The ex-Liverpool and Manchester United striker was taken through his paces ahead of the QIPCO British Champions Series finale at Ascot on October 15.

Owen said: “Ryan Moore is one of the best jockeys in the world so who better to give me my first riding lesson?

“As a lifelong racing fan, I knew that the job of a jockey wasn’t easy but as a former professional sportsman I was surprised by just how tough it was.

“I went on the mechanical horse at the British Racing School to ride the equivalent of the QIPCO British Champions Sprint Stakes which will be run on Champions Day and even though it was only for a few minutes it left my legs feeling like jelly.

“Having someone like Ryan next to me making it look like a walk in the park really shows the level of strength and fitness these guys have.”

In the video Michael struggles to get the basics of holding the reigns initially but manages to later ride a simulated race.

Throughout he complains about pain in his calves and thighs.

Ryan Moore said: “Teaching an ex international footballer how to ride was a first. As Michael said, when you are a professional, it’s hard to get into the mind frame of a complete beginner but we got there with the basics.”

Owen owns Manor House Racing stables in Malpas.