CRIME figures for Whitchurch have been slammed by the new mayor who says they show that the town needs to keep its own police station.
The current police station is due to close and while moves are underway to create a new base for police in the town, nothing is yet finalised.
The figures for March reveal that there were 53 incidents of anti-social behaviour in Whitchurch, four burglaries, seven incidents of criminal damage and arson, three drug related incidents, five thefts, six shoplifting incidents, 14 violent crimes, one vehicle crime and two incidents classed as ‘other crime’.
Mayor Cllr Rob Hewson said he is alarmed at the figures and appealed to townspeople to stop misbehaving.
“These figures are damaging to our town and it is shocking to think that it’s almost two a day,” he said.
“It shows that we need to keep a police station in Whitchurch.
“More houses are being built in the town in the coming years and we need to have a fully manned police station here.”
Going back further with the figures, between April 2012 and March 2013 there were 622 incidents of anti-social behaviour within a mile of Whitchurch, 70 burglaries, 95 incidents of criminal damage and arson, 21 drug-related incidents, 33 other crimes, 64 other thefts, 17 public disorder and weapons incidents, five robberies, 58 shoplifting incidents, 51 vehicle crimes and 133 violent crimes.
Figures for Wem and Ellesmere are far lower. In March, Wem saw 30 anti-social incidents and 48 incidents of all other crime. Between April 2012 and March 20213 there were 351 anti-social behaviour incidents.
Ellesmere saw 13 anti-social behaviour incidents in March and 23 incidents of all crime. The town saw 127 anti-social behaviour incidents between April 2012 and March 2013.
West Mercia Police is faced with having to make in the region of £30 million in cuts by 2015.