A SWIMMER from the Ellesmere College Titans has smashed two all-time British records at the recent Liverpool Open.

Nine-year-old Hector Pardoe, rewrote the record books in both the nine and under 200m backstroke and the 400m freestyle long course at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre, recording a time in the latter that would have won him a gold medal at all of the Olympic Games up to 1928.

Hector completed the 200m backstroke in a time of two minutes 47.07 seconds to take 1.91 seconds off the previous record, and came home in five minutes 01.10 seconds in the 400m freestyle to shatter the existing record, improving it by 2.99 seconds.

In 1924, American, Johnny Weissmuller, who was regarded as one of the greatest swimmers of his generation, recorded a time of 5:04.20 to claim gold at the 1924 Paris Olympics, and remained unbeaten in official competition with five gold medals to his name. He later became a Hollywood actor playing the part of Tarzan in the late 1920s and 30s.

In 1928, Argentina's U. A. Zorrilla took Olympic gold in a time of 5:01.60, in Amsterdam.

Hector, who puts his success down to a near vegan diet and chocolate soya milk, said: "I am over the moon.
"I actually thought I was going too slowly, but if I can beat that man Tarzan then Phelps better watch out," he said.

Titans head coach, Jon Pardoe, said: "It's an absolutely remarkable achievement."

The Titans will be holding an open day on January 29 to which the best local and national swimmers will be invited.
Swimmers can apply for an invitation by registering online at www.ellesmerecollegetitans.co.uk