THE CONSERVATIVE Party saw its majority more than double in the Eddisbury constituency, which includes Malpas, in a result which saw Labour pushed into third place.

The Lib Dems snatched second place from Labour which has held the runners up slot there since 1997. 

Stephen Mr O’Brien was re-elected as the MP, polling more than half the popular vote with 51.7% of the votes cast, or an increase of nearly 5% on the 2005 election results to give him a 13,255 majority.

He has represented Eddisbury in Parliament for over 10 years and thanked everyone who voted for him, saying: “It is an honour and a privilege that the people of Eddisbury have chosen me once again to represent them.  “I give all my constituents this pledge; that regardless of political persuasion, I will always work hard for each and everyone of you, and I will always fight to defend you and our area’s interests.” 

Labour candidate Pat Merrick said: “Obviously it is very disappointing, it is not as if we expected to win, but we have come second here since 1997, and we have to recognise the Clegg effect in this result.” 

However, she added that she was delighted with the outcome of the General Election.  “I agree the people stymied us, they feel badly let down and want a different way of going on in the future.  “There is now an opportunity to do what Clegg promises to do and get electoral reform. We do need a new voting system - young people see this as an opportunity to reinvent parliament.” 

The Lib Dem’s Robert Thompson said it was a very encouraging result.  “With the boudary changes I thought we may be adversely affected but no. It is an indication of the hard work the Lib Dem councillors do in Eddisbury. 

He said that Clegg-mania was significant in the early stages of the election, but sadly the surge faltered in the final week of campaigning. He now hopes that proportional representation is brought in, adding: “This country is in the mess it is due to poor representative government.” 

Charles Dodman, the UKIP candidate, said the British people deserve a referendum on continued membership of the European Union. "The Labour Party reneged on a solemn manifesto promise of a referendum and David Cameron broke a cast iron guarantee."