A CHEF based near Wrexham has delivered his most unusual takeaway ever.

Mofur Miah, the executive chef at Overton Indian restaurant The Tajmahal, received an order for a takeaway meal to be delivered 160 miles to London, and was picked up to deliver the food by a private aircraft.

He flew from Shropshire's Sleap Airfield, near Wem, with his ready-prepared cuisine and completed the order when he got there.

Mr Miah, who in the past has worked for a number of famous restaurants and has had his cooking featured on television, said: “The order was for five Chicken Tikka Biriani, five Meat Biriani, two Chicken Vindaloo, five Bombay Aloo, five Sag Aloo, 10 chapattis and an assortment of various side dishes to be delivered to London.

“They asked for me to travel with the food in the aircraft and re-cook the food in London for a millionaire. We were picked up from a local airfield and flown to a private location in North London.”