GORDON Brown’s description of a voter as a bigot has been described as a ‘mistake’ by Welsh Secretary Peter Hain during a visit to Flintshire.

During a campaign stop-off at Greenfield Community Centre with Labour Candidate for Delyn David Hanson yesterday Mr Hain said the Prime Minister was ‘letting off steam’.

Gordon Brown apologised face-to-face at the Rochdale home of 65-year-old Gillian Duffy who had challenged him on a number of issues including immigration and crime.

He had been caught on a microphone describing her as a ‘bigoted woman’ as he got in to his car after meeting her during a campaign stop in Rochdale.

Speaking to the Leader after sitting in on a game of bingo with local residents, Mr Hain said: “What I think is that it was a mistake. He’s apologised, he shouldn’t have done it and I think people will say he is operating under pressure, he let some steam off. He shouldn’t have done it, I think that is it.”

After his visit to the community centre Mr Hain and Mr Hanson canvassed voters ahead of the general election a week today.