A former Whitchurch woman has described the horror as a fire broke out in a Liverpool car park on New Year’s Eve.

Rebecca Brassington, who now lives in Nantwich, had been at the Liverpool Horse Show with her friend Fiona Thorley when the blaze broke out in the arena car park destroying all the cars inside.

Fortunately, the pair had taken the train.

However, Rebecca told the Whitchurch Herald how quite a few of her friends had lost their cars and possessions.

She explained how just after 5pm the rider who was in the ring: “We knew then something was wrong but we didn’t know what.

“We waited a few minutes and they said they had shopped the show because of a ‘small incident’, then a few minutes later they said there had been a small fire in the car park. They brought the horses into the arena.

“We didn’t know what to do. They said everything was fine and we could go to the shopping village and about until the show recommenced but obviously that didn’t happen.”

Rebecca said they sat in the arena for about 45 minutes: “We really didn’t know what was happened so we thought it was best to stay put.

“Then they came back into the arena and said the show was cancelled so we went into the shopping village and it was very smokey, then a few minutes later they evacuated the building.”

She continued: “It wasn’t until we got outside we could see the extent of what had happened. In the arena you couldn’t hear anything, it was just smokey but we never felt we were in danger. But outside there was thick, black smoke and you could see the flames.

“I’ve never heard bangs like that in my life. Every couple of seconds there was a large bang of a car exploding.”

Rebecca and Fiona made their way across the docks to get the train home, but she added that people were still being let into the arena for a time before police cordoned it off.

She also said everybody remained calm, but said she sympathised with those who had lost their vehicles and possessions, adding: “You have to feel for all those people who have lost possessions and cars, it’s going to be a nightmare for them. Cars can be replaced but I know someone who lost a teddy bear she has had since she was a baby.

“But it wouldn’t put me off going to the show again, it’s not their fault.

“Thank goodness nobody and no horses died. It’s certainly a New Year’s Eve I won’t forget.”