A Whitchurch woman who was caught drug-driving for a second time has seen her ban extended.

Cleo Hill, 38, was initially banned for 16 months on November 20 at Telford Magistrates’ Court, but she appeared before Wrexham Magistrates’ Court on Friday accused of driving while under the influence of cocaine in Wrexham town centre on November 12.

Kevin Challinor, prosecuting, said officers on patrol in Salop Road at 11.40pm saw a Volkswagen Golf negotiate two roundabouts without indicating and stopped the car in Market Street.

Hill appeared anxious and fidgety when asked to go to the police car and denied having taken any substances when asked, Mr Challinor said.

She gave a positive drug swipe test for cocaine at the roadside and blood tests in custody revealed cocaine and a metabolite of the drug.

Hill, of Talbot Street in Whitchurch, pleaded guilty at the hearing to driving while over the specified drug limit.

Ceri Lewis, defending, said up until 18 months ago Hill was married and was working as a teacher.

But the marriage broke down after Hill discovered she could not have children, she suffered a nervous breakdown and as a result of her conviction she lost her job and career, Miss Lewis said.

On the evening in question Hill told police she had not taken anything because she had not done so that day.

She had made the stupid decision to take cocaine while socialising with friends the previous evening, magistrates heard.

The bench also heard that Hill had anxiety and depression and was awaiting counselling.

Miss Lewis said Hill had “matrimonial debts” of £30,000 in her name and no income at present.

But she has applied for benefits and Miss Lewis asked for the first installment of financial penalties to be paid in 28 days.

Hill knew she would be further disqualified, but Miss Lewis asked magistrates to keep the ban to a minimum as she “had to get her life back on track at some point”.

Magistrates banned Hill for a further 12 months and ordered her to pay a £100 fine, £85 in prosecution costs and a £30 surcharge.