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Dear Sir,

I read with interest the article in the Whitchurch Herald edition of December 20 “Rebel Tory MP stands firm on Brexit vote”.

I am very surprised to see the Daily Mail criticising her for voting for parliament, not government, having the final say on withdraw from the European Union (EU). All through the referendum campaign the Daily Mail and people wanting the UK to leave the EU were saying that we must return to parliamentary sovereignty.

Yet when it comes to the crunch they don’t want parliament to scrutinize the biggest decision that this country has made for generations, and want decisions left to the government.

I think that instead the Daily Mail should be congratulating our MP Antoinette Sandbach for voting for parliament to have the final say.

I am rather appalled that there have been calls for Antoinette and the other Tory rebels to be deselected. Antoinette is a hard-working constituency MP and would be a great loss if she was to go.

I have personally met her face-to-face in Malpas several times, and when we chat she seems most agreeable and understanding.

I am 60 years old now, I have lived in Malpas since I was six, and I would say that she is the best constituency MP that we have had in my adult lifetime.

Charles Lowick Higgie

1 Well Farm Close, Malpas

Dear Sir,

The walkway to Whitchurch Community Hospital from Edgerton Place is covered in dead leaves but someone’s letting their dog foul in the leaves.

I arrive home recently with my shoes covered in dog poo. Many older people use this walkway to go the hospital, as well as young mums with small children walking through to Little Bears.

Please will the dog walkers pick up after your animals.


Barbara Hughes,