A housing proposal for Wem has been approved.

Applicants Mr and Mrs A. R. Page had sought permission to demolish a Dutch barn and attached brick building at the back of The White Lion on High Street.

The buildings would be replaced by four two-bedroom properties and parking for six vehicles.

Wem Town Council had objected to the plans stating it would only support the building of three homes and felt four would be overdevelopment of the site.

However, planning officer Jane Preece said: “The site occupies a suitable location within the development boundary of the market town of Wem where re-development for residential purposes is considered acceptable in principle in accordance with local and national planning policy directing development to sustainable places.

“The development is considered to be acceptable in terms of scale, layout and design and will not unacceptably impact on the character and setting of the listed White Lion pub; other nearby listed buildings; the Wem Conservation Area or the visual character and context of the local town centre area in general.”