Dear Sir,

The Wem Roden Grove Action Group held a packed meeting last Thursday to hear the latest on the campaign to prevent development of the land off Roden Grove.

At the meeting people expressed immediate concern over the potential changes to the water-table that extends across the development site (and beyond).

The field is largely undulating and is recognised by Shropshire Council as having surface water issues. As well as surface water issues, the site also has problems in terms of the [mean] water-table which currently stands at around 0.40 m below the existing ground surface.

This major issue plus the seasonal levels of the water table will create a severe problems should necessary ground-works occur (in order to level the site and to construct piled or raft foundations).

Where will the surface water flow? How will the groundwater be contained? Currently, surface water flows into a ditch which forms the southern boundary of Roden Grove.

Flooding and water retention within the soil mechanics of the field are due to both historic human agency modifications to the river and the natural floodplain dynamics.

The Local Authority flood map clearly shows the Flood Zone 2 and 3 areas extending from the northern banks of the Roden northwards on a similar contour as land to the south. The mean contour, around 78 m AOD for land either side of the Roden is critical in allowing water to naturally drain seasonally in to the Roden.

Any changes through groundworks reduction will create problems with both the seasonal water-table and surface water discharge.

This part of the Roden Grove has flooded at least three times since 2010. Not surprisingly, the surface water flowing into Sun Grove originates from the proposed development site. Who will take responsibility?

Cllr George Nash,