Whitchurch’s Beechtree Centre is set to roll out its successful bitesize IT courses in Wem next year.

The courses will start at Wem Town Hall on Friday, January 26 and it is £10 for each two-week course.

First up is ‘Introduction to keyboarding and word processing’, where users will gain confidence using the keyboard, enabling you to complete coursework, letters, form filling, keying in and sending and receiving emails, and typing stories.

That runs from the opening day until February 2 before four more courses running for two-week periods until April 27.

The two-week blocks include ‘Introduction to Internet, Internet Searches and setting up email account’, ‘Introduction to Shopping on line/Introduction to EBay’, ‘Introduction to Social networking – Skype/FaceTime/Online Security’ and ‘Introduction to Hardware and input devices/ Introduction to Digital Photography’.

Anyone wishing to get involved can book a place at the town hall or call 01939 232299.