The Wem and District Rotary Club Tree of Light remembers the following...

Phyliss and Sid Didlick; Bob Brand; The Polio Fellowship; The Brown Family; Wal Alan and Kim Jones; Joey Bradley; Herbert and Dorothy Blackshaw; Norman Rogers; Alan Hancock; Val Crossman; Dennis Evans; Jim and Barbara Lewis; Ronald and Mabel Patterson; Phil Hawkins and Alf Ankers; Bill Bamford; Alan Jones; Melanie and Mandy; Ray Dulson; Edward Ridgeway; Veronica and John Forrester; Malcolm and Stanley Forrester; Sybil and Colin Evanson; Severn Hospice; Roni Beard and Margaret Cross; Mike and Joyce Buttery; Janet; Bem and Grace Ballantine; Roland and Grace Earnshaw; Charles and Melrose Hawkins; Horace and Floss Hall; James Hawkins; Shereen; Andrew Stuart and Ken Searle; Bob Buchan and Phillip Parker; Frances Cave; Sarah Cliff and Elizabeth Ann Evanson.

Kate and Hughie Hampson; Bob; Mary and Robert Sherwood; Ken Sherwood and Nigel Elmore; Phoebe Beattie; Bill; Primrose and Denys Walker; Tom and Annie Powell; John Cheetham; Rosemary Beryl Davenport; Freda and Steve May; Peter and Jean Godfrey; Hugh Broomhall; Charlie and Agnes Hutchinson; Geoffrey and Queenie Ashton; Geoffrey Barnett Ashton; Edie; Charles and Connie Lewis; Phoebe Huish; George Mills; Carol Anne Haines; Jayne Weaver and Kerri Dulson; Keith and Dorothy Wilkinson; Fred and Elsie Hand.

Tom and Harry Lea; George and Dorice Peel; John and Joyce Micallef; Edie Eccleston and Kath Davies; Barbara Gould and Noeline; Alan Raybould; George and Ethel Smith; Frank Griffiths; Christopher Mackay; Spencer Bancroft; Alan Jones; Brian Cliff; Joyce Loyd and George Peel; Andrew and Jonathon Smith; Sharon Carter; Brian Wheatley; David and Rosemary Ruscoe; Bill Wooley; George and Rene Ryder; Leslie Cox; Doug Dodd; George and Gladys Ward; Alan Hancock; John and Chad Perry; Haydn and Jean Ford; Hugh Neville Patrick and Barbara Anderson; William and Joan Moyse.