Councillors in Wem will receive updates from the Economic Forum at Thursday’s full meeting.

The forum held its Annual General Meeting this week, on December 11, and councillors will hear back what was discussed at the meeting in Edinburgh House, starting at 7pm.

Other items on the shortened agenda for the last meeting of 2017 includes a planning application for the building of one dwelling at 1 Cordwell Willas in Aston Road, Wem.

The meeting will opened with its usual 15 minutes of public participation, allowing residents the chance to raise any issues with their councillors.

Two items on the agenda concern minutes from two council sub committees, with councillors receiving reports from the Amenities and Wem Swimming and Lifestyle Centre groups.

Councillor George Nash has also requested an item for councillors to discuss commercial generation in Wem while Cllr Pauline Dee has requested discussion of a Wem Emergency Plan.

The council will consider correspondence from residents concerning the Local Plan Survey and the Christmas Festival.

Two further items on the agenda – staff appraisals and probationary periods – will be heard in part two of the meeting, which excludes members of the public and the press.