An illegal overtaking manoeuvre by a Wrexham motorcyclist led to his death.

Paul Emlyn Jones, 71, from Whitegate, died on the A41 outside Whitchurch in August when he collided with a Volkswagen Fox after he tried to overtake a DAF heavy goods vehicle which was behind the car.

The Fox had moved towards the middle of the road, intending to turn right, leading to the DAF slowing down when Mr Jones overtook it without realising the Volkswagen was there.

He was unseated from his Yamaha into the path of an oncoming Saab – going the other way.

A post-mortem confirmed he would have died instantly.

PC Neil Taylor, a forensic collision investigator from West Mercia police, said in a statement read out to Shropshire Coroner’s Court today, that while Mr Jones was travelling at the speed limit, his decision to break the double white lines led to his death.

”The collision has happened because the driver of the Fox was driving southbound, wanting to turn right off the A41 but was prevented by oncoming traffic,” he said.

“The DAF slowed down and the Yamaha rider tried to overtake but hit the Fox and then the Saab hit the rider.

“The Fox was stationary and the DAF was driving at the speed limit. The motorcycle was overtaking the slowing DAF, and evidence shows it was being ridden within the limit.

“The motorcycle must have encroached into the other lane and therefore, the overtaking manoeuvre was illegal, breaking the double white line.

“There was no alternative action [that could have been taken by the] surviving drivers to avoid this and the decision of the rider to carry out this illegal manoeuvre has caused this accident.”

Shropshire coroner John Ellery concluded Mr Jones died as a the result of a road traffic collision and added to his son, who was present at the inquest, that neither alcohol nor speeding played a part in his father’s death.