Councillors in Whitchurch have given their full support for the installation of an all-inclusive play area in the town.

Paul Evison, a resident from Whitchurch, had previously given a presentation about a disabled play area for Wheatsheaf Drive.

He told councillors he had already researched companies which could build it and that Sir John Talbot’s School were happy to raise money and be involved as a learning project.

Councillor John Sinnott had proposed the town council co-ordinate the installation.

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Beverley Duffy raised concerns about a park limited to disabled users may not send out the right message, however, Cllr Terry O’Neill said parents of children with limited abilities assist them in Jubilee Park’s play area, but those with full disabilities struggle, which is why there is potentially a chance to put facilities in Wheatsheaf Drive.

He also assured Cllr Duffy that Mr Evison supported an ‘all-inclusive’ play area.

Other items discussed at last Thursday’s meeting included a plea from PC Deb Wheeler calling on residents wanting to complain about anti-social drivers in Green End to make statements.

She told the meeting that Section 59 orders, which deals with anti-social behaviour can only be issued if someone reports the incident.

Meanwhile, Shropshire councillor Gerald Dakin told the meeting that Dave Gradwell, from Shropshire Council, believes there is scope to reduce the speed limit on Chester Road to 40mph.